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Mozambique is situated on the Southeast Coast of Africa; its beautiful places, eccentric vibe, varied traditions and cultures offer countless opportunities for adventure. On the east it is bordered by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and Mozambican beaches typically feature white sands and clear turquoise waters abounding in shoals of colorful fish. The rich coral reefs surrounding Mozambican waters are largely unspoiled. Mozambique is reported to have some of the best diving sites in the world. There are numerous small islands and archipelagos for tourists to visit; particular interest lies in the ever changing vistas of the Bazaruto Archipelago. Check our Tourism page for more information.

Although still mostly under-developed, Mozambique is bursting with potential. According to the World Bank, Mozambique’s annual GDP growth has averaged 7% over the past two decades and it’s expected to become one of the world’s five fastest growing economies. New discoveries of natural gas reserves have the potential to elevate Mozambique to the world’s third-largest exporter of natural gas after Qatar and Iran. In the next few years Mozambique is due to receive huge investments to develop these natural gas reserves, which are among the biggest discoveries made worldwide in recent years. These discoveries will help create nearly a million new jobs, most of which will be indirectly linked to the gas industry. Mozambique also has the fourth largest single coal reserve in the world. The country has vast opportunities for investors. Check our Business page for more information.

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EXCHANGE RATES: 1 USD = 70.44000 MZN | 1 GBP = 89.27800 MZN | 1 EUR = 77.15900 MZN | 1 ZAR = 5.51420 MZN | HEADLINES: Government Aim To Destroy Mozambique ASAP | Tourism Is Not Important For Mozambique | Fuel Price Rise Again, Public Pay For Frelimo's Fraud | Breaking News: Illegally Detained South Africans Released | Mozambique A Failed State? | ANC Wants High Wall Between ZA & Moz | Breaking News: Another Tourist Wrongfully Arrested | The Road Map To A Moz Collapse | Fuel Crisis Looming For Mozambique | Limpopo Flood Report |
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Government Aim To Destroy Mozambique ASAP

In another move that will hurt the Mozambique economy and the average person in the country, the government has decided to force it Freliminista communist agenda of arrogance upon the rest of the worl... Read More
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